07 July 2009


Four days from now, the wedding event of Diana Klungel and Barkley Garrett will commence. (Woot!!!) In comparing our preparation journey to others, our engagement and wedding planning is relatively short (of course the stories of exception are out there). I hope and pray the wedding is beautiful, that God is glorified, and that people have fun.

But really, way more important than this one day, is our marriage. That is what we've been preparing for. In the "greater" event of our marriage, I hope we come to understand and experience even more fully the love of God, and that through that, we offer and extend that love even more fully to others.

So that is my hope and prayer: that beyond the fun planning of a wedding, that the greater gift of the day is how we bless and honor God through our marriage.
I hope it all brings God glory.


Sabrina said...

I just know it will be a most wonderful and beautiful day!
Enjoy! :)

Cindy said...

that is a great prayer for every day of your marriage, my friend!

LLos said...

Happy 1 month Anniversary!!!!
God Bless! LL

karla said...

Hey. It's been more than a month. Your fan club wants to hear from you! :)